Best BIOS for Lenovo S205?

Today Name (@Che_kist) brought a new modded BIOS to my attention which unlocks two hidden menus named Advanced and AMD.


The most important option seems to be the UEFI Boot toggle which can hopefully solve the well-known Windows and Linux installation problems of the S205.


Since I’ve been using a NoWhiteList BIOS to be able to replace the Ralink WiFi adapter with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (which is btw way better than the original), I’ve decided to combine the two versions.

So here is the new modded BIOS which disables the harware restrictions and unlocks the hidden menus:

4BCN24WW (Version 24, 17 Aug 2011) – NoWhiteList + Hidden menus

It’s tested and works perfectly.

Here are the flashing instructions:

  1. Make sure that the AC adapter is connected and close all unnecessary programs
  2. Flash BIOS using Flash.bat

To enable the hidden menus enter BIOS, go to “Configuration” and disable the setting “Hidden Page”. Save settings, reboot, and you will see the new menus.

All credits go to bios-mods members camiloml and xsmile.

Happy New Year!

Image source:
bios-mods (xsmile)

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