Update – Lenovo Active Protection System on Windows 8.1

Good news! I have made patches for Windows 8.1.

For download links see the updated post.

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  1. Marcin

     /  November 6, 2014

    Hello I’ve obtained a used lenovo s205 with 6gb of RAM, it’s still pretty good computer so i though about ssd upgrade with windows 8.1. So I tested and installed windows 8.1 but unfortunately the computer wont turn off, even during installation when restart was required the screen turns off but the laptop won’t and fans go full speed. Before that was windows 7 and it worked like a charm. So right now to turn off I need to hold the power button for more that 5 seconds. It always the same no matter that I shutdown or restart.

    • Marcin

       /  November 6, 2014

      Oh one more thing beside that shutdown problem everything seems to work fine, I used the drivers form lenovo page ad no problems.

  1. Replace – Lenovo Lively Safety System on Home windows eight.1 | Ragnarok Connection

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