Time to switch to Windows 8?

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  1. Hi there, I have an S205 and am thinking about upgrading to WIndows 8. A couple of questions: did you update all the drivers that you highlight in your previous Win 8 post? How long did the install take?

    …Do you recommend it?


    • Hello,

      Only Energy Management, Touchpad and CardReader drivers are necessary to be installed (webcam, audio, lan, wifi, bt, video work out-of-the-box but I updated them to the latest version anyway).
      I did a clean install (instead of upgrade) and it only took about an hour (driver installation included).

      The new metro interface looks really nice and modern on our S205 but in my opinion it’s only an extended widget. Sure, it has some nice one-click feutures like email, calendar (they work smoothly with my Google account), weather, maps and the search function is really useful (it’s like the one Ubuntu has) but when you want to get some work done you have to switch to the standard desktop. Desktop is a stripped-down version of Windows 7’s (the worst thing is the lack of Start menu – OK you can get it back with 3rd party software)

      – Seems to boot faster
      – Useful widgets in Metro (email, calendar, social networking, maps, etc…)
      – Metro looks really nice on the small screen, controls are great with the touchpad installed and configured (two finger, horizontal and vertical scrolling, swipe to swich between apps, open Charm menu)
      – No hardware/driver incompatibility with S205

      – Stripped-down Desktop
      – Switching between Metro and Desktop
      – Metro widgets seem to take longer to start (you only see a splash screen for a few secs)

      The bottom line is, Windows 8 runs great on Lenovo IdeaPad S205 but the OS itself might not worth upgrading from Windows 7.

  2. Romagnolo1973

     /  February 2, 2013

    ahh great to see you move to 8
    The switch is easy (I don’t know why Lenovo not supported our netbook for 8) and I think our s205 with 8 is litle faster compared to 7
    I use Classic Shell for bypass metro and use desktop only with start button ( I realy hate metroUI)
    When 8 was available for less than 15$ I think was a great idea upgrade your OS, but now that this offer is ended I have your same opinion:, 7 is a great OS and upgrade is not needed


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