Lenovo S205 Driver Repository (Google Drive)

I’ve created a public Google Drive folder for the Lenovo S205 Drivers. The main advantage is that now you will be able download all the drivers as a single .zip archive.  Also, the download speed should be better than the official Lenovo site’s.

I can’t garantee that I’ll update the drivers as soon as they are released (I don’t have enough time and bandwith) but I’d be glad to give edit rights to anyone willing to contribute to this project.

– The first drivers are still being uploaded. –

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  1. Romagnolo1973

     /  November 29, 2012

    Goog Idea but Lenovo Windows 8 Drivers are all buggy
    Just read my personal experience with homesite drivers
    Better solution is put the right drivers from producer (as I suggested in my post on Lenovo forum) into your Google Drive including Touchpad Synaptics drivers.for ex.

    • Hi Romagnolo1973,

      Thanks for the useful informations. I’m going to create a Windows 8 post where everyone can share their problems / solutions.

  2. Seems Lenovo pulled the Windows 8 Drivers today…. Was trying to download them and it was saying file not found. Now the option for Win8 isn’t even available.

    • Romagnolo1973

       /  December 7, 2012

      you need only Lenovo Energy Management from here.
      Other thing are detected from 8 or you can detect correct driver from producer site (synaptics, amd) the only issue is soud quality and sound driver from model s300e are deleted too. I think is not only a S205 issue but a generic problem from Lenovo server

  3. Thank you. If not for this posting, I’d not found these drivers either.

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  2. Lenovo – No Official Windows 8 Support for S205 :( « Lenovo IdeaPad S205 Blog

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